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How Do We Know That Our EdTech PD is Working?

We have four school weeks left until our Winter break.  To say that it has been busy is an understatement.  This is my second year as an administrator, and my first one as a Principal (yes, I am still the IT director too).  I like to think that I have all of the answers (it looks good on paper), but every day brings new questions.  I am being challenged in ways that I could not have anticipated, and things that I thought would be tough weren't.  But, that is not what comes to mind while I write this.

My good friend Andrew Schwab (@anotherschwab) has been in the forefront of EdTech for a while. He has an excellent blog ( podcast ( about it.  In his latest blog, he touched upon something that a few of us in our school district have been feeling of late.  The approach to PD and especially EdTech PD is a wrong fit for what we want to accomplish.

I believe that the majority of the PD does not truly address integration that support classroom st…

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